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I've been illustrating since birth. 


Professionally I've been a Graphic Artist for 17 years working for newspapers, magazines and a first-class list of clients. I love it all, from branding to storyboarding to graphics to character design to posters, caricatures, logo design, comic books, editorial illustration... the list seems endless. 

One time I turned a client's car into a dragon with auto body decals. Another time I designed and illustrated a 181-page graphic novel. Then there were the years I illustrated K-12 math books. The promotional comic book I illustrated for Miranda Lambert's band The Pistol Annie's, the tour artwork for Charlie Sheen when he lost his marbles, designing Tom Green's moonshine labels, storyboarding for Amazon's toy catalog and Amazon Music commercials, comic strips for MAD Magazine, etc etc etc...


...what I'm saying is, let's work together. 

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